Go Figure, Conservatives Confused

Yesterday, while reading salon.com, I came across these interesting survey results from John Sides, a professor of political science at George Washington University. The results of this survey of self-identifying conservatives confirm what most of us already know, but few on the right are willing to admit. Republicans have a thing for big government.

As is evident from the above, while conservatives frequently rail about big-spending, big-government liberals, the majority of them, when presented with an actual list of potential areas where spending could be cut, don't actually want to cut anything. This is illustrative of a larger problem that conservative Republicans seem to have, a disconnect between their rhetoric and reality.

In regard to the same poll, I found a comment from blogger Matthew Yglesias that I couldn't agree more with:
Even I’m more spending-averse than this! I’d be for reducing spending on the “war on terrorism” and “tightening border security,” and though I don’t want to cut spending on repairs to existing roadways, I’d be happy to virtually eliminate spending on new highways.
For the whole salon.com analysis, click here.

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