The Nerves - "Hanging On the Telephone"/The Plimsouls - "A Million Miles Away"

Everybody has heard Blondie's version of the song "Hanging On the Telephone." But, how many of you knew that Debbie Harry and Co. were actually covering a song by the short lived 1970's L.A. power-pop act, The Nerves? I know that I didn't, until I came across the above YouTube clip the other day. And, wow, I am blown away by how good this sounds. The aforementioned cover might be slicker and more radio ready. But this one has more bite, more energy, more heart. If I didn't know any better, I could have easily mistaken this for a Replacements track from their incredible Twin/Tone years.

The Nerves were only together for 3 years, from 1975-78, during which they released one proper album, and a few singles, "Hanging On the Telephone" being the best and best known. Three members were songwriters and this is what led to the quick break-up. All three members continued their careers in music. Most notably Peter Case, whose Plimsouls recorded a pretty big hit with "A Million Miles Away" from the soundtrack of the Nic Cage movie Valley Girl.


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