Whipping Boy - "When We Were Young"

I was supposed to go out to a party tonight. But, what happened . . . I fell asleep on my couch and woke up 10 minutes ago (at 1:30AM). This is becoming too common for me. And it makes me feel old. The one serendipitous thing that saved my night, in a way, was that when I woke up my iTunes were still playing on shuffle and the second song that came on was "When We Were Young" by Whipping Boy.

It's a reflective song all about the carefree drunken revelry and me-against-the-world, live-just-for-the-moment mentality that so many of us possess in our younger years (as did I). The song ends with the narrator waking up from dreams of his past and plaintively questioning all that he might have done and all that he might have been.

While I doubt that my failure to attend the party tonight is going to have an earth shatteringly negative affect on my life, it does remind me that I won't be able to do these things forever and I should take advantage while I can; while there is no girlfriend, no wife, no kid, etc. Because if I don't, I fear that I'll find myself sitting at home some Saturday night in the future, wishing that I could be out somewhere, and realizing that I was laying on a couch snoring years ago when I had my chance.

If you don't know Whipping Boy, you should really do yourself a favor and buy their album Heartworm at your earliest convenience. They were a late 80's-mid 90's Dublin band that cut their teeth playing cover versions of The Fall and Velvet Underground in Irish pubs. They eventually went on to put out a pair of albums featuring their own tunes, Heartworm being the real gem. The familiar themes and tone of their songs stay true to their working class roots, often cynically dealing with the mundanity and minutiae of everyday life, which makes them a pretty easy band to relate to. If you like this track, click here to see the YouTube video for their song "We Don't Need Nobody Else" which is actually my favorite song they put out, but was less pertinent to this post.

Oh, and next time you have the chance to go out and do something fun, take advantage. That way you'll never find yourself laying on your couch wondering What If . . .