Sigur Ros - "Takk.../Glosoli"

Hands down, the best concert I have ever seen before (and I'd estimate I've seen, at a minimum, 500) was when Iceland's Sigur Ros performed here in Columbus a couple of years ago. I've never seen a band command the attention of everybody in a crowd before with the ease that they accomplished it with. Though there was nothing easy about these intricate songs or the expertly executed, never-a-dull-moment stage show. Sigur Ros presented us with a multi-sensory performance art experience, rather than a standard, run-of-the-mill concert. From fans who've been backing these guys since their earliest releases, such as myself, to those in the crowd that had never even heard Sigur Ros before that night, like my brother's friend who joined us at the show, the whole house was floored.

Their set, much like their albums, bounced back and forth between soaring, uptempo, ethereal postrock epics and more subdued, almost orchestral, movie-score type tunes. The sound was perfection, seemingly washing over and surrounding all in the audience. Visually, it was also stunning. For much of the show the band was separated from the audience by a semi-transparent screen. The screen was used in two different ways. At times films were projected onto it that perfectly accompanied the music in both tone and timing. At other stages the light man became an extra member of the band as he also used perfect timing and coordinated lights to project massive shadows of the players onto the screen. This effect was incredible, giving the feel of a larger than life band towering over the crowd, which also complimented this larger than life music nicely. Walking out the door after the show, I was absolutely dumbfounded, spent, and nearly speechless. Yet, at the same time, I wanted to call every person that I knew and tell them what they'd just missed.

The highlight of the show, one that consisted of almost nothing but highlights, was "Takk.../Glosoli". Above, I have posted a video of them doing this song couplet live in Reykjavik during that same tour. It embodies everything that is great about this band and their show. While I wish that the sound was louder on this video, the visual is better (read: not bootleg) than any others that I could track down. I dare you to skip the next Sigur Ros show that lands in your town.


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