Joe Pernice -Cribs/Pernice Brothers - "Baby In Two"

One of the better bands going right now are Boston's Pernice Brothers who, for what it's worth, aren't actually brothers but are led by Joe Pernice. It has been a little while since their last release, 2006's Live A Little, so I decided to check their website today to see if there was any new news. I'm sorry to report that there was no mention of a new album or upcoming tour. However, the following was posted there:
I need to get some of this stuff out of the house! I have lowered the prices of all Ashmont-owned stuff we have. You’ll find $5 CDs and some t-shirts for under $10. US store only for now, until I figure out how to update the int’l store. Please help me make space for all the stuff I am going to buy when Ashmont is deemed too big to fail and we get our bailout.

Nearly all of the Pernice Brothers' albums are currently available in the $5 to $8 range! If you don't own all of their albums, which you should, this is a great chance to fill in the gaps for a more than fair price.

While on the site, I also found the above video (from 2006) of Joe Pernice doing his take on what it would be like if MTV2 made an indie-rock version of their old hit show Cribs. This is a pretty hilarious send-up of a show that basically did little else than give regular Americans a chance to see what unnecessary material possessions obscenely wealthy celebrities wasted their money on. Pernice's version, while obviously intended to be funny, also reminds us that most bands are comprised of regular guys and gals who are working hard to pay the bills just like all of the rest of us.

Just in case you aren't familiar with this band I've also tacked on the video for their track "Baby In Two" below. There are dozens more great tracks where this one came from. So, if you like this, make sure to head to their store and buy something.


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