Azeda Booth - "Ran" (Song of the Day)


As each year comes to an end, we are bombarded with lists of all sorts. Since the main concern of this blog is music, I find myself skimming hundreds of music best-of lists. Not surprisingly, I mostly read about the same albums over and over again. What makes it all worth it though is when I come across a fantastic song or album that I've totally missed during the course of the year. So many great pieces of music are released during each 12 month cycle that its impossible to hear, or even know of, them all. And while the process of looking over all of these lists can sometimes feel very mundane and repetitive, as if everybody is just copying everybody else's list, I am reminded that there are other people out there that are always searching for something new, different, and entertaining with each new discovery that I make because of their legwork.

This year one of my favorite albums that I "found" on a best-of list, but had never heard of before, was In Flesh Tones by Azeda Booth. Their sound is wintry, yet warm. It is quiet and mellow and could easily serve as wonderful background music. But its depth and complexity will inevitably reveal itself to those that give it the attentive listens that it deserves.

Azeda Booth is a six man group (yes, man, though you would not be frowned upon by this writer for being fooled by the very female sounding vocals) that hails from Calgary and released their debut full-length in July on Absolutely Kosher. And, thanks to the folks over at Coke Machine Glow, I became aware of it in December via their year-end list. For that I am very thankful, as In Flesh Tones has accompanied me on more than a few cold winter walks, soundtracked my cooking, and occasionally laid me down to sleep at night over the past few weeks.

My favorite track is the album-opener "Ran":

Ran - Azeda Booth


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