Peter Bjorn & John - Shut the F#$% Up

You guys remember Peter Bjorn & John, right? They of the insanely catchy, totally unforgettable, almost ubiquitous, indie-gone-everywhere 2006 hit, "Young Folks." How could you forget. Well, after a year featuring the lackluster sort-of-side-project Seaside Rock and a very bland solo release from Peter Moren (the Peter in the band's name) I thought they might have begun their slow fade. That is, until this video surfaced on the internet a few hours ago. It is rumored that this is a preview of a song from their next album. However, no details, not even a song name, are available yet. Needless to say, this track sounds like it'll be another immediate winner on the hipster party circuit and should give us all a reason to look forward to the rest of the album. I don't think PB&J will be winning any awards for their lyrics. But who cares when they can be this much fun!

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