Minor Threat - Vinyl Remasters From Dischord

D.C. label Dischord has just given the vinyl remaster treatment to two classic Minor Threat 12" EPs, Out of Step and First 2 7 Inches. If you don't have anything from this legendary hardcore band then you'd be best advised to head straight for Complete Discography which compiles their entire recorded output on one CD. However, if you're a collector, completist, or just want to hear these songs with a bit more polish, these releases might be right up your alley.

For those that are at all interested, Minor Threat is one of a handful of bands that I can honestly say changed my life (sounds cheesy, but it's true). I heard the song "In My Eyes" at a time when I was only listening to 20 minute Grateful Dead songs. It was shocking at the time, the polar opposite of all that I was used to. I was struck by the sense of emotion, urgency, and immediacy that that song possessed, but was notably absent from the majority of the music I was used to hearing. Shortly thereafter, I became addicted to my new copy of Complete Discography, started exploring other punk, then postpunk, and so on, and the rest is history. So, here I am saying thanks to Minor Threat for being one of the bands that pointed me in a new direction.

Above is a clip of Minor Threat doing "In My Eyes."
You can buy the new 12" EPs at Dischord's online store.

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