Low Releases Xmas 7", I Post a Video of a Listenable Low Song

After seeing a creepy video of Low's new Christmas 7", "Santa's Coming Over," on Stereogum, I had to listen to Things We Lost In the Fire a few times to remind me of why I like this band so much. I have a feeling that this 7" is not going to win over too many fans. I could barely watch it all the way through and I love this band.

Low is a three-piece from Duluth, Minnesota. They are one of the most well-known and accomplished acts to be tagged with the "slowcore" label, known for its trodding, dark, and morose sound. The power of the songs comes not from volume or speed, but from the lack thereof. "Dinosaur Act," the video posted above, is one of the best tracks from Things We Lost In The Fire. Hopefully this video will erase your memories of "Santa's Coming Over."

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