Love Is All - Steals the Show (and a bit of a song by The Clean)

As I mentioned a couple of nights ago, last night brought Columbus the great triple-bill of Times New Viking, Love Is All, and Crystal Stilts. Early in the evening it looked as though the turnout was going to be very thin. But, by the time Crystal Stilts took the stage the room had started to fill up. And the crowd gradually got thicker as the night progressed. I think that it would be a safe assumption that nobody left the show disappointed (unless, of course, they got trapped in the curiously meaty mosh-pit that formed during Times' set) , as all three bands fulfilled the promise of their albums. However, one band, Love Is All, stole the show for me.

Both Crystal Stilts and Times New Viking turned in inspired performances, faithfully recreating winning tracks from their recorded outputs. But, Love Is All, with their energetic blend of pop, punk, and no-wave, were just so much more fun than either. It is always a great thing to see a band so clearly enjoying performing their songs on stage. They were so gleeful, animated, and playful that one found it nearly impossible to not get swept up in their energy and exuberance. They ran through a tight set of all of the best songs off of their two releases and made sure that every normally self-conscious, crossed-armed, stationary indie kid in the room was moving.

One of the standout numbers from their set was a song called "Wishing Well" (see the video above), off of A Hundred Things To Keep Me Up At Night. I've only had a chance to closely listen to that album twice since it came out. So, I'm not entirely familiar with most of the songs, which would be the only explanation for my not yet noticing how much "Wishing Well" had in common with "Tally Ho!" the classic first single from Kiwi-pop legends The Clean (this single was actually the impetus for the creation of the venerable Flying Nuns record label). It is hard to understand how no review that I've yet read of "Wishing Well" mentions the fact that the organ melody that drives both songs along is nearly identical (see the "Tally Ho!" video below). I don't fault Love Is All for this borrowing (though, I would say that they are lucky that neither Mick Jagger nor Keith Richards were in The Clean!). I just figured that I'd give credit where credit is due.


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