Loney, Dear - New Album Due Out Jan. 27th

I was excited to read today that Loney, Dear, one of Sweden's better acts, has a new album coming out on Polyvinyl on January 27th. The LP is called Dear John and will reportedly boast a greater synth presence than past offerings. Which essentially means only that it will include synths, as they haven't been very prevalent in the mix before. I hope that this inclusion will be tasteful, rather than just a belated attempt to cash in on the everything-80's-is-great-again craze. I guess we'll find out in January.

Loney is another case of one unassuming man's, Emil Svanangen, home recordings ending up in the right hands and getting him signed to a record label (like Passion Pit, who I've covered here in the past). The next logical step in this progression is that he formed a band and got to record a proper album. The result was Lonely, Noir, a wonderful album filled with warm, playful indie-pop songs that recalled acts such as Belle & Sebastian and less dour moments from the catalog of fellow Swede Jens Lekman.

The standout track was called "I Am John" (I don't know who John is or what their fixation with him might be), a slow builder that morphs from background to foreground as it progresses, from sweet and quaint to frantic, joyous, and immediate. See the above video.

You can also visit Brooklyn Vegan to hear the first single from the forthcoming album, "Airport Surroundings" and check out their American tour dates with Melpo Mene (who I've also covered here).

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