Doves: New LP Due in April!

have been one of the most consistent bands around so far this decade. With three stellar LPs under their belt, 2000's Lost Souls, 2002's The Last Broadcast, and 2005's Some Cities, and a killer live show to boot, Doves (no "The") are batting 1.000. But it's been nearly four years now since a new recording, nearly two since a tour. If you, like me, have found yourself wondering what was up with the lads from Manchester, wonder no more! Billboard reported yesterday that we can expect a new release in April of '09. They are adding the final touches to this yet-to-be-titled album right now.

Over the course of their three albums Doves have experimented with various sounds to one degree or another while always maintaining that unmistakable something that allowed one to easily differentiate between them and peers (such as Coldplay and Elbow). Lost Souls found them peddling sprawling, anthemic, atmospheric britpop gems clearly informed by shoegaze and dreampop. The Last Broadcast highlighted a band in transition, brightening up their tone and adding some electronic, and orchestral, flourishes that were less prevalent on the earlier offering. Some Cities offered tighter, and brighter, songs than we'd yet experienced from Doves, the focus on many seeming to move from the atmospherics to the backbeat, the range of influences widening to the point of even including Motown.

So, what can we expect in April? Never a band to stick to just one formula, it seems that Doves will be adding more to the pot next Spring. The Billboard article reports that we can expect at least one "country-tinged" song and others influenced by Kraut luminaries like Kraftwerk and Can (!!!). Were I not as confident in this bunch, I would find this to be a worrisome mix for one record. I'm always a fan of very "even" records, the ones that have a mood or tone that tie everything together. Albums featuring too many different styles don't feel like as much thought, effort, or care were put into crafting them. But, given that they have yet to put out a dud, I'm remaining cautiously optimistic that this will all make more sense when we finally get to hear the album.

Above is one of the best cuts off of Some Cities, "Black and White Town."
If you need to brush up on Doves, or fill in a gap in your collection, check out their website.
Read the full Billboard article here.

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