A Different Kind of Best-Of List

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While music blogs, websites, and magazines of all stripes are rushing to compose their year end Best-Of Lists, Vice Magazine has come up with a hilarious, and characteristically snarky, take on this practice. Rather than actually post a list of their favorite 2008 albums, Vice deconstructed the practice and came up with a list of criteria for composing such a list.

A few of the highlights:
Number 34: Reserved for Britpop 'survivors' who’ve made 'their best album in years'.
Number 32: Something from Iceland.
Number 24: You've never even heard of this one. You never will. Even as your read the blurb, you find your mind simultaneously erasing the entry.
Number 16: Cheesy pop band masquerading as 'wonky-pop'/'nu-pop'/'underground pop', which only barely disguises the fact that they're Roxette with alt. dress sense.
Number 13: Hyper-obscure album everyone was bamboozled into voting for cos Pitchfork gave it a 9.9, despite sounding like every other folk album ever.
Number 11: Dizzee/Bizzle (pop grime slot shared on a rotational basis)
Number 10: Album described as a 'groundbreaking fusion of dance and rock'.
Number 1: Coldplay (Q), Arctic Monkeys (NME), Sven Vath (Mixmag), Neil Young (Uncut), Neil Young (Mojo), Neil Young (Classic Rock), Neil Young (Home & Garden), people humming transcendentally over distorted tape loops of concrete being laid (The Wire).

If you are into this sort of thing and you follow these lists, you will find that it is great fun to sit and plug band names into the appropriate spots on the list. It's also funny to start looking at lists at various magazine where the above rules seem to hold most true.

You can check out the whole list at Vice's blog.

You can find a comprehensive list of online Best-Of lists (including my own) at Large Hearted Boy.

And while we are on the topic of funny stuff, here is a link to my favorite article that ever showed up on The Onion, which is about the same people that typically compose Best-Of lists.

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