A.C. Newman's 'Get Guilty' Out Jan.20


For those poor unfortunate souls who aren't familiar with A.C. Newman, he is the pop mastermind behind Zumpano, New Pornographers, and the brilliant 2006 solo record, The Slow Wonder. You can don a dunce cap in the corner until you've caught up on all of those. For the rest of you, I have news that should assure that your pop sweet tooth will soon find relief in the form of Newman's forthcoming second solo effort, Get Guilty. The album will be released by Matador Records on January 20.

Just a couple of days ago they also posted the first single, "Submarines of Stockholm," on their blog. While the track features Newman's trademark sugary sweet vocals, catchy-as-hell melodies, and memorable chorus, it also ventures in a new psychedelic direction that I've never really detected on past Newman-related projects. I'm anxious to see if the psych vibe is distributed across the entire album or just limited to this track. Either way, "Submarines" assures us that A.C. hasn't let up a bit and that we can continue to expect nothing less than top-notch material from him.

Download: "Submarines of Stockholm"

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