Pre-Order Idlewild's Forthcoming Album

I found a notice in my inbox today that Scottish band, Idlewild, has a special pre-order package for their as yet untitled 2009 album. It read in part:
We will be in the studio for the first few months of 2009 and plan a conventional album release in the summer, but for a limited time, we would like to offer our fans a chance to be involved from the beginning by pre-ordering directly from us a special edition album along with plenty of extras. This offer is available worldwide so that finally our fans overseas will have the chance to hear our music at the same time as everyone in the UK and before any general release.

Extras include some fun, but sort of useless, perks such as getting your name printed in the album booklet. And, of more interest; you will receive the album shortly after it is completed and long before it is actually released, there will be at least one bonus track that will not be on the officially released version, you will have access to 15 free downloads of selected live recordings from the band, and you will be entered in a drawing with lots of nice prizes for the taking.

I haven't been a huge fan of Idlewild's last few releases. They were just okay. But, their 2000 album, 100 Broken Windows, is still one of my favorite and most frequently listened to albums of the new millennium. If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor and get a copy ASAP. The video above is of a song called "Actually, It's Darkness," one of the best tracks off of that album.

For more pre-order info, click here.
To purchase other Idlewild albums at insound.com, click here.
To listen to 100 Broken Windows at last.fm, click here.

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