New Boxed Sets From Neil Young, The Kinks!

Yesterday brought some very good news, along with the specter of financial hardships around the bend. Two of the all-time best musical acts will soon be releasing new boxed sets. Both the Kinks and Neil Young have collections on the way.


Pitchfork reported that The Kinks, my favorite band, will release Picture Book on December 8. Of the box, they say:
. . . collects over 130 tracks across six chronologically ordered CDs, sprinkling rarities, live tracks, and demos (including early ones recorded under the name the Ravens) among the Kinks' classic singles and album tracks. The accompanying 60-page booklet features a biography, a Kinks timeline, and previously unseen photos.

I'll have to wait until they release a tracklist on this one before I decide if it's a go or not. On the one hand, the Ravens' material along with the rarities and the booklet will make this difficult to pass on. On the other hand, I own all of the Kinks' 60's albums in their original form and some in their expanded reissue format, their BBC Sessions, and various anthologies and hits collections. I'm just wondering how much of the included material is going to overlap with what I already have. Probably most of it, and I don't see myself shelling out boxed set dollars for 10-12 songs that I don't own. But, I've also been known to be impulsive and irrational. So, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


Aquarium Drunkard reported yesterday that Neil Young's first volume of his long rumored archives collection will be releasing shortly after the new year. Here is an excerpt that they featured from The Rolling Stone:
After more than 20 years, the first volume of Young’s career-spanning box set is finally coming out. The 10-disc set (available in Blu-ray for $432 or DVD for $345, and eventually in CD and download formats) is built around an interactive timeline that allows users to access hundreds of hours of audio and video, ranging from Young’s high school band through 1972’s Harvest. “There’s photos, there’s original lyrics, there’s all the materials that make up a career,” says Larry Johnson, the set’s producer. So when is Vol. 2 due? “Now that we’ve done the format,” says Young, “it’ll be quicker.”

So, this one sounds like a really amazing set. It also sounds like they are making it interesting and unique enough to justify purchase even if you already own a lot of the included material. However, the price is kind of crazy. I know it's Neil Young and there are all kinds of goodies included. But, damn. Three or four bills would be hard for me to justify to myself for a new camera (which I actually need), much less a music collection that I probably already own the majority of.

Oh well, somebody will get both of these. And they'll probably be very happy. And I'll definitely be very jealous.

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