The Dreadful Yawns - Thursday 11/20 @ Bernie's (Columbus, OH.)


I found the following in my inbox today:

"The Dreadful Yawns are coming...

To a little rock club called Bernie's on THURSDAY 11/20
1896 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 291 - 3448

We are proud to share the stage with these fine folks.
The Sailing
Trains Across The Sea

We are playing last, because our rider indicates that we ONLY HEADLINE.

Two stories: 1) Bernie's is the site of the VERY first show played by the original core of the Dreadful Yawns Ben, Dave, and Charlie back in the glorious 90's.
2) Special thanks to James of Outer Sounds for inviting us, not forgetting about us, then inviting us again.

Cost is nominal when you consider your other options.... hooker (1/2 hour)+ rocks (3) = $70...
thems is high street hooker prices."

For those unfamiliar with them, The Dreadful Yawns are a band out of Cleveland that has been around since the late 90's. Their sound is a unique blend of alt-country, psych-folk, and indie-rock. And their newest album, Take Shape (out now on Exit Stencil Recordings), is their most experimental, accomplished, and enjoyable yet.

The Yawns seem just as comfortable playing quiet, acoustic-based music as they do raucous, extended length rockers. This provides for an interesting, and sometimes jarring, juxtaposition that keeps one listening in anticipation of where each song might lead. One of the best examples of this is on, "Mood Assassin," the culminating track of Take Shape.

After a quick blast of electric-guitar at the onset, the song settles into a pleasant and familiar enough tone for the next two minutes, with a straight forward guitar line, softly cooed female vocals, and even a violin for good measure. This is followed by a gradual build up (which reminds me of similar moments on the 2000 album Designing For A Nervous Breakdown, by The Anniversary), the vocalist repeatedly singing "Please remember, to step carefully" as the, now, dual guitar lines become more and more urgent until they reach a point of beautiful chaos. The remaining 2-3 minutes take the listener on an intense, ramshackle, Velvets-like romp through layers of feedback and distortion that, when all is said and done, leaves you totally floored. To my ears, this song encompasses every facet of The Yawns' sound and is, without a doubt, the best track of 2008 (as if you couldn't already tell that from the way that I just gushed about it). You can listen to it here.

You can also check out some video clips of the band here.

Do yourself a favor and head out to the show. And if you can't make it, grab the album here.

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